Type One Locomotive Company

The Type One Locomotive Company is a group of British Diesel Locomotive Enthusiasts, dedicated to preserving, running and maintaining examples of heritage British diesel locomotives.

The T1LC is a ‘not for profit’ organisation and all monies raised (either through donations or memberships) are used to maintain and overhaul our locomotives, as well as day to day running costs.

We are always on the lookout for more shareholders, either armchair enthusiasts or those who can give time as well as money!

We have ownership of three ex British Railways Locomotives and our base is at the Great Central Railway in Loughborough.


Class 31 D5830, a Brush Type 2, was built in 1962 by Brush at its Loughborough Works with works number BS366/1962.


Class 20 D8098 was built by English Electric/RobertStephenson & Hawthorns Ltd, Darlington in 1961, works No. 3003/8255.


Class 47 1705, a Brush Type 4, was built in 1965 by Brush at its Loughborough Works with works number BS467/1965.